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College Planning for Grandparents | Baird Retirement Management

For most, juggling between saving for retirement and saving for their children’s college educations is a delicate balancing...

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Ten Mistakes That Can Undermine Your Retirement Savings | Baird Retirement Management

Even with the best laid plans, retirement savings can be decimated by the loss of a job, divorce or death, but just as much damage...

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President Trump Outlines Tax Reform Proposal | Baird Retirement Management

Cuts in business and personal tax rates and changes to deductions highlight Donald Trump's tax reform plan.

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Steering Clear of Financial Landmines in Divorce | Baird Retirement Management

​Understanding the financial and tax implications of your options is critical in creating a settlement that will last long-term.

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Five Unexpected Threats to a Well-Planned Retirement | Baird Retirement Management

How to Stay On-Track When Unforeseen Challenges Arise It’s a scary feeling. You've planned carefully, saved appropriately, invest...

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Uncovering Hidden Assets: Detective Work in Divorce | Baird Retirement Management

In the course of unwinding a marriage, accounting for and making an inventory of financial and other assets can be overwhelming.

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