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Recognizing Challenges & Opportunities in Fixed Income | Baird Retirement Management

Many investors have responded to record-low bond yields and a potential increase in interest rates by taking on more risk...

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An Argument Against Life Cycle Funds | Baird Retirement Management

Retirement requires a psychological shift from saver to personal pension fund manager. Spending and investment decisions early...

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ConocoPhillips & Phillips 66 Retirement Plan Interest Rate | Baird Retirement Management

The 30-year Treasury Securities Rate (TSR) in Table 1 is the Effective annual interest rate from which the monthly interest credit...

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Cfda Professional

What is a CDFA Professional? | Baird Retirement Management

The role of the CDFA is to assist the client and his/her lawyer to understand how...

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Five Common Questions

Retirement Accounts in Divorce: Five Common Questions | Baird Retirement Management

​Retirement accounts are complicated, especially in divorce. Here are some questions you may run into.

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401 K

What is the Difference Between ESOP & Common Shares in Your Chevron 401k? | Baird Retirement Management

The implications of misunderstanding the difference could cost a retiree thousands in taxes at retirement.

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