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Sequence of Returns Presents Risk for Retirees | Baird Retirement Management

If you were guaranteed an average rate of return of 7% over the next 30 years would you take it? The simple answer for most retire...

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Retire 8

Net Unrealized Appreciation

Many of our oil and gas retirees are faced with a decision regarding large company stock positions in their savings plans. One of ...

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FAQ on Retirement Accumulation for BP Employees | Baird Retirement Management

The following FAQ is designed to assist a BP employee in his or her planning towards retirement by explaining how certain key prov...

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What the DOL Fiduciary Standard Means to Investors | Baird Retirement Management

A current topic that is floating around the retirement planning industry is the new DOL rule. The goal of the rule is to protect....

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Who will change my light bulb

MIT AgeLab has identified three simple questions......

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Retire 6

Capital Gain Exclusion from Sale of Residence | Baird Retirement Management

Given recent stock market turbulence and uncertainty, you may have doubts about your long-term investment strategy. Here are some ...

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