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The Importance of Wealth Management Planning | Baird Retirement Management

In establishing objectives for transferring your estate, it is important to develop a wealth management plan that matches your...

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Fixed Income Investments Can Add Stability to Your Portfolio | Baird Retirement Management

​Balance is as important in your portfolio as it is in riding a bike. For many investors, fixed income investments can help achieve...

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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) in Retirement | Baird Retirement Management

We were recently asked by a few of our retired (or soon to be retired) clients about HSAs in retirement...

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Estate Planning: Documents Every Adult Should Consider | Baird Retirement Management

Every adult, regardless of age or wealth, should have an estate plan.

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​Four Tips to Tax-Efficient Investing | Baird Retirement Management

Is your portfolio tax-efficient? Here are four ways tax-smart investing can potentially help you keep more of what you earn.

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College Planning for Grandparents | Baird Retirement Management

For most, juggling between saving for retirement and saving for their children’s college educations is a delicate balancing...

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