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LyondellBasell Industries

William W. Barrow - LyondellBasell

Dating back to the 1989 spin-off of Lyondell Chemical Company from Atlantic Richfield, we have served retirees of LyondellBasell. Our service is the development of highly individualized retirement recommendations which incorporate your needs and desires for retirement. Based on your specifics, a strategy is developed which will help to optimize benefits accrued in the Lyondell Chemical, Equistar, and LyondellBasell pension plans as well and the Lyondell Chemical Company 401(k) plan. As retirement approaches, a series of major decisions must be made regarding benefits which may have taken decades to accumulate. These decisions are often irrevocable once elected. How these benefit elections will affect your retirement is thoroughly evaluated and discussed. Once retired, the development of reliable and sustainable retirement cash flow is the focus of our work.

William Barrow also works with Exxon Mobil downstream employees.


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William Barrow


William Barrow is focused on serving LyondellBasell families as they prepare for and then live through retirement. Because of this focus over the last 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, and commitment to each client’s success, William is well qualified to serve retiring employees. Experience with the LyondellBasell benefits plans is incorporated into a comprehensive retirement overview. A customized investment plan is developed which is designed to serve the income requirements in retirement. Great emphasis is given to making good decisions as retirement occurs and making investments that will function in both good and poor economic periods.

​​*This is not a CPA firm. Baird is not endorsed by or affiliated with LyondellBasell.

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